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Louis Vuitton | Innsbruck Cabas
Man bag from the fall 2006 runway – The Louis Vuitton Innsbruck Cabas. The colors used and over all design were inspired by the famous ski resort located in Innsbruck, Austria. As you can see, the main attraction of this man bag is the large V pattern, reminiscent of the design painted on Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s own Steamer Bag in 1901.

This (15.4" x 15.4" x 4.3") man bag is made up of the suede calf leather with grained calf leather trim with the memorable signature geometric V pattern on exterior. I know you guys are just itching for the price – the price of this man bag weighs in at $2,370.

You can find this handsome new man bag via eluxury.