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Marissa I love the card!! It's so cute. I think framing it and hanging it would be a lovely touch added to your closet.

I wouldn't sleep on a SA wanting repeat business. That may be the SA that can get you a bag that no one else will have access to until the next month. That may be the SA that will call all over creation to get you the bag you want. The SA at my LV store looks out for me. All I have to do is call him and he takes care of me. It's bad enough that when I walk into most of these places I get looked over and passed up. Some of these shops are notorious for this type of behavior. Oh but don't think that will keep me from getting the bag I want. However, the SA that has their nose up in the air will have to watch another SA ring me up and watch the LV bag carrying lady she was chasing go out the door empty handed. So when I get those cards in the mail, I really appreciate them and that SA will get a return visit from me. I make it a point to get a buddy in all my favorite shopping spots. It's hard in retail sometimes because SA's come and go. I've been lucky cause most of mine have been around for a long time. So, I don't have to deal with the snobbish behavior too much.
Ya I know. She had told me she called every store until they had the colors I wanted in front of my purse. She ended up finding it in Colarado and had it shipped. She's a sweetie... I like her.