Dear Bag Forum members,

I am an editor of C-Arts Magazine an English-language pan-Asian art magazine published out of Singapore and distributed throughout Asia, as well as New York and London. Our demographic is primarily Asian art collectors and art lovers.

I write the Lifestyle column, and am putting together an article on how the public is responding to collaborations between recognized artists and top handbag designers. I consider Louis Vuitton's collaborations with Takeshi Murakami and with Richard Prince to be among the best examples of this, and I'm looking for people who've bought some of these handbags and are willing to share images.

If you know of other great artist-designer collaborations in handbags, I'm open to suggestions!

If you're willing to share images of your handbag, please kindly send them to me at, together with photo credit information (if you took the photo, your name; if you prefer not to include your name, we can leave it out), and caption information (year, material, artist, dimensions, retail price if you're willing). Please note that we can only use images that are 300 dpi and 1200x1200 pixels. (For those who don't like to think about pixels, if the image is above 2 meg, it's probably okay.)

Unfortunately, we cannot pay for the images. If we use your image, however, I will send you a copy of the article when it comes out.

Thank you in advance,

Alexander Boldizar
Editor, C-Arts Magazine
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