Speedys are everywhere now! I do love the classic look of them though. I prefer the larger ones, I would most likely get a 35 if I did choose to purchase one. I tend to like the sagging of the bag, it doesn't bother me much, it looks more "worn in" I like structured bags, but every now and then I like the whimsy ones. My only problem is that I LOVE the bag, and especially the large ones but I only tend to carry a few things and use smaller bags and digging for things in a hurry always annoyed me, so as much as I love the speedy I'm not sure I could adjust to it. And the Monogram is just beautiful and classic, but I fell in love with the azur in new York when I was debating one. If only I could get over my dislike of the zipper then I could compensate a larger bag.

Dumb question probably, but do the handles on the 35 have a longer drop length than the others?