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    Default Louis Vuitton Palermo PM Bag

    Recently, I was able to make my way over to NYC, and to Louis Vuitton of course. Within the bag choices that I was finally able to come down to, the Palermo PM was one that I was leaning towards. I loved how functional it is - wear it as a handbag or easily throw it over your shoulder with the detachable strap. Also, I was looking for a larger bag that didn't look like luggage for trips and times when I need to carry more. So this one was at the top of my list of options.

    When I was finally able to see the bag, it wasn't as appealing to me as it was from seeing it online. To start, I thought the pleat in the front was cute and all, but I wasn't exactly sure if it would disqualify the bag from joining the rest of the LV classics later on down the road. What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything classic, so I've recently learned. The next thing that bothered me was the extremely wide bottom. It looked odd when I tried it on because the bottom just stuck out, making it feel too structured or something. Also, the fact that the canvas on the bag seemed stiff compared to other LV bags didn't exactly add any comfort or flow. So overall, I wasn't as impressed with the Palermo as I expected to be. I mean, yeah, it's definitely functional and it is easier to maintain because there is no vachetta bottom.

    See it at eLUXURY
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    Default Re: Louis Vuitton Palermo PM Bag

    I have Palermo for 2 years, and together with a vintage Chanel flap, they make for my two favorite bags. While most of Chanel bags are more of a go out, and require very gentle wear, Vuitton Palermo is very sturdy, durable and stylish for many occasions. I wear it to office, for travelling, for walkts, etc. I have the largest in size (I believe it should be GM) and it works and looks amazig. After two years of wear, I can defenately see change in color, but it makes it even more atractive and gives it a classic feel.

    Regarding the bottom of the bag-it never caused a problem for me. In fact, I even liked it, since I carry a bunch of staff with me, and its easy to see it in a wider bottom. I even manage to carry my laptop together with my pomeranian there.

    My explanation for it looking weird on you-->its probably too big or small for you, or simply not your style. While I am 5'10"-its looks great on me, given to my 5'5" friend, it looks very weird. So its a question of how tall you are and what your style is.

    Overall, this is a great model and I love it more and more with time. I tend to wear it a lot during fall and winter, and leave alone for spring/summer. Its very durable and great to travel with. I have a few outfit posts with it, if you want to see it, check out "notes by tanya".

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