Louis Vuitton | Waptiy
Finally back and ready to get back to bag posting. Like I said I have a ?huge surprises set for when I get back?, well I have a couple actually but I will post all the details either tonight or tomorrow sometime.

One of my favorite little Louis Vuitton accessories of the moment, tied with Pochette Tikal, is this Louis Vuitton Wapity cosmetic pouch / digital case / small clutch to carry the essentials like cell phone, credit cards, and keys. Look Kanye West has a Louis Vuitton Wapity, don?t forget to enter to win this cute little accessory. Contest ends soon on August 31st.

Celebrities and Their Handbags
Celebrity | Kanye West | Louis Vuitton Wapity and Backpack
For the first time Kanye West along with Gwen Stuffani made Vanity Fairs 2006 International Best-Dressed List. "Gwen and Kanye are big-time style leaders," said Amy Fine Collins, social correspondent for Vanity Fair. "They both have such distinct, strong styles and are completely visible and influential.