After about a good half hour at the Santa Clara store, I fell in love with the Triana because of its tough structured construction, the 2 side compartments, and the strap option.

But one surprising discovery after I'd bought it is that the one I saw in the display is different than the one I actually got. (I didn't think to check inside when they brought out a fresh one to purchase.) It looks like LV did an interior change from the single zip pocket and the orange microfiber lining to the cell phone and no-zip patch pocket in the red microfiber lining. The Louis Vuitton label and date code is now more difficult to see as its stamped directly on the fabric.

Not sure if I should keep this new version or exchange for the version I originally saw. The cell phone pocket is handy but so is the zip pocket. Any opinions which is more useful?

Does Louis Vuitton do this kind of re-design often with an existing line? (I've looked at all the Triana's on eBay and none are in this new version so the change must have been pretty recent.)