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    Default LOUIS VUITTON Date Code & Production Explanation Guide

    Louis Vuitton has been using production codes- or Date Codes as they are commonly referred to... in almost every item that they have produced since the early 1980s. These codes are included for Louis Vuitton's own "internal purposes" and are not meant (by LVMH) as authentication tools at all. However, knowing how date codes work can be very helpful when determining the age and authenticity of authentic Louis Vuitton items that are purchased on the secondary market.

    Oh, NO!!! She's giving away all our secrets!!!

    I am fully aware that there are sellers and groups of Louis Vuitton admirers who would rather that we not openly discuss date codes in general. They black out the pictures of DCs that you'll see on eBay or will say that the date code will only be "revealed" to the highest bidder. And yet, these codes are freely discussed on LV discussion boards and are reproduced in any number of LV guides that you can purchase on eBay or the internet.

    The idea is that counterfeiters might "learn what we know" and will use that info to make better fakes.

    Let's face it... for replica handbags to be as "good" (I know, oxymoron!) as they are today... the fakers are very sophisticated. They aren't just copying pictures that they see on the internet. These guys are buying the real deal, ripping them apart and trying as best as they can to make exact replicas. The logos, lining, hardware and yes, date codes are getting better and better. the full guide with pics here

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    Default Re: LOUIS VUITTON Date Code & Production Explanation Guide

    Wow.... I just finished reading this... Thanks a lot... Very interesting information.... I'm actually gonna go get my bags out of my closet just to try to read the datecode... ha... :D

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