I emailed the seller this morning.. indeed the bag is not real.. I really had doubts when I got it because it just did not have the feel my others have.. but only having one of the vintage bags it was hard to really tell.. my newer Lv's are totaly different in looks and stitching and hardware.. the one i have posted in this thread the leather trim is really different from the one i posted in another thread where I am trying to find out the name of it.. I am going to take it with me to Philly and see if they know in there what the name of it is.. the one in this post i wont waste my time, its for sure a copy.. Yes I used paypal to pay for it would not do it any other way because of returns.. although paypal can be a real ( cough cough ) pain at times.. Thanks for all the help here.. I just wanted to make sure before i jumped on the return of the bag..