Hello everyone! I will be traveling to Italy next month from the US and I wanted to buy a couple of small things from Louis Vuitton but I have a ton of questions! I'm planning to buy a small luggage and a key pouch! This is my first time buying from the actual store!

Ok so here are my questions:

1. Do you think they'd have small luggage tags in stock and do you think they'd let me buy one? I've heard some stories about people being denied one because its a repair part.
2. Will I have to ask for an envelope for my receipt and a box for my items? And would they let me put the key pouch and the luggage tag in separate shopping bags?
3. Is the price on their Italian website the same as the price in store in Italy?
4. For example, if the item is $150, would that be including the taxes since it's in Italy? Then get my VAT refund later on?
5. How long does hot stamping usually take?
6. Are SA's usually nice in Italy?
7. Is there a minimum amount I have to spend at LV to get a VAT refund?

Also.. totally unrelated but.. has anyone ever put their purse inside of a backpack while in the plane to meet carry on requirements? I want to bring a purse, backpack, and a hard carry on luggage but my airline only allows a carry on luggage and one personal item.. soo I was just planning on putting my purse inside my backpack so I can pack in more things.. is that allowed?

Sorry for all of these questions! Any response is appreciated! Thank you!!!