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    Default please help Authenticate. LV bag cannot find any information on it online!!

    My wife has this Louis Vuitton purse that her mother in law gave her over 20 years ago. We recently brought it out to try to find information of its authenticity and possible year made. But we cannot find any information at all online, or find a purse that resembles it. Which is why were leaning toward the question is it real or fake. Its a Louis Vuitton purse that has brass on the top opening of the purse, with 2 clips one on each side. there are hinges on the sides of the purse also. The bottom has a lining. There is a pattern stitched in the inside pockets. What really stuck out was the zipper on the outside has the LV but the zipper on the inside has a K&K on it. From watching most 'how to tell its a fake' videos were thinking its a fake. But there are also blogs that say if its made in france or a really old most of those characteristics wouldn't matter. There is no serial number on the bag. Any questions about it you have or if you know right away that its a fake please let me know. It'll be devastating since shes held onto it for so long but we would be happy to finally know. There are a couple pictures to help. Thank you for taking the time to read and help us out.
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    Default Re: please help Authenticate. LV bag cannot find any information on it online!!

    Hi there! Unfortunately, your hunch is correct. This is most definitely a fake. Here's why...
    1. Pattern isn't aligned nicely top to bottom and side to side.
    2. Suede lining. LV never used suede lining. Ever. Even in vintage stuff.
    3. Patch on the outside with Louis Vuitton Made in France.
    4. Not sure if this style was ever even produced, but that doesn't matter because of reasons stated above.

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