Hi everybody,

I am very new here, and was after some help identifying what bags and other items i have got.
I actually inherited these a year or so back, but i think it's time i got rid hence wanting to find out a little bit more.

So i have got 2 bags, one purse and one filofax. The filofax has a 2003-2004 diary in it, so i'm presuming all the items are from this sort of period.

Handbag 1 -
This bag has got a deep tan interior with one separate internal pocket. Zip has an LV padlock with keys on.

Handbag 2 -
Handbag has got a deep red interior with 2 internal pockets.

Coin Purse -

Filofax -

If you would like any more photo's to help identifying let me know. And thank you for your help!
There is a load of Russell and Bromley bags too. But i haven't got round to those yet!