Hi ladies, (and if any men)! . I really need help deciding whether or not to get a Neverfull GM in the damier ebene. I went to the LV store with my boyfriend to look at the Speedy and the Neverfull. I am thinking of buying both at the same time , they will both be my first LV's. My boyfriend REALLY disliked the Neverfull GM, he thinks its just "a big shopping bag" . He has me feeling bad . Just looking for opinions, and if anyone here owns it, or has owned one, I would appreciate personal expierence's and maybe photos if its not too much of a hassle. . I would REALLY appreciate it!

Side note: I would use the bag as a everyday bag, to switch with my speedy 35 every now and then. Also, might sound crazy, but for the future, as a work bag and for when I'm ready to have children. I'm still in school so it will be a couple of years . I would think its better to buy now when the price isn't any higher. Me and my boyfriend are also hoping to travel within the next couple of years.

So yea, that's my dilemma. Get the Neverfull GM or use the money elsewhere? THANK YOU FOR ANYONE WHO RESPONDS!!!!