hi, can anyone please help me with this?

i have a Louis Vuitton LV Monogram Eclipse Speedy Gold 28 handbag, which i tried to sell recently. i had never really bothered to inspect its authenticity before, but now i notice the date code reads TH 1030, which as far as i know is not a valid code (the bag was supposedly manufactured in 2010).

it was purchased 2 years ago together with other items in the Louis Vuitton store in Wien. the other items are all unquestionably authentic, with valid codes and certificate cards. please help, because this is driving me crazy. how is this possible?

faulty code-stamping machine? someone switched the bag, in the store, or since then? if it's a fake, it would be a very good one, so why would someone who makes an otherwise perfect replica, botch it with a jumbled code? everything else is perfectly in order with the bag, why does it have an invalid code?

thank you very much in advance.