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    Post Louis Vuitton Bags in Japan

    Louis Vuitton opened its largest retail shop in Japan

    Not many people know that the Japanese consume Louis Vuitton more than rest of the world combined. Normal retail from 46 stores amounts to 1/3 of Louis Vuitton's annual sales. The retail stores in Japan cannot keep their stock adequate, so frustrated Japanese go overseas to purchase from Duty Free Shops and retail stores. Non-Vuitton shops also buy Louis Vuitton from overseas for regular retail prices (there's NO wholesale to ANYBODY) to resell them at their stores for higher prices. Vuitton lovers would buy them for over retail prices from non-Vuitton stores, figuring it is still a lot cheaper than going overseas themselves!

    Remember, Japan fits comfortably in the State of California. Can you imagine this many Louis Vuitton retail stores in your state? Half to 2/3 of Louis Vuitton's entire production are being consumed in Japan. The official number (1/3) can only be shown based upon the total sales within Japan, within their direct retail stores.

    A friend of mine went to the opening celebration of the largest Louis Vuitton retail store in the world--in Tokyo. He has sent me a few pictures to show you. This is an 8-story building, with additional 2 basement floors. Only B1 to L4 are open to public. Celebrities showed up, wearing $100,000 worth of apparel, purses, and jewelry by Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton designed a "special edition" city bag to celebrate this new store (1,000 pieces, but rumor has it that only 180 hit the store). Needless to say, they all sold out soon after the store opened; many waited in line overnight just to get this special edition.

    B1: Men's Apparel (clothing and shoes)
    L1: City Bags
    L2: City Bags, Accessories, Stationary, Watches
    L3: Women's Apparel (clothing and shoes)
    L4: City Bags and Luggage
    L5: Salon Only for VIP's....not just "preferred customers", but celebrities and filthy rich people
    L6 and up: Event Halls

    Police & security officers everywhere.......people formed a line as long as 1.2 miles. Alas, only 750 people entered into the store before they closed on this opening day..............
    Louis Vuitton's factory head flew over from France, and it's reported that he was "quite pleased" to see all these people.................
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