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    Default Louis Vuitton Monogram Galliera PM handbag, best buys

    I am trying to buy a Louis Vuitton Monogram Galliera PM handbag for my Chinese born wife, I want top quality at the best price, of course. I/We are new to the handbag scene and see that a lot of these bags are replicas which look good and are made in China; but we wonder about the quality and if it is legal to buy them here in the US, we live on the west coast, and can she go to China and return with it with no problems from customs etc. I kind of understand sometimes there are illegal copies that the government confiscates and don't want that to happen. Anybody with any advice, replicas or best place to buy authentic, maybe even used or is it pre-owned.

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    Default Re: Louis Vuitton Monogram Galliera PM handbag, best buys

    Although it's not illegal to own a replica/fake (it's only illegal to sell them), we here at TBF do not condone them. Not only do they hurt the brand, but they are associated with many other bad things (child labor, terrorism, drugs, etc). If you're interested in buying authentic, pre-owned LV then I would recommend ebay or Bonanza. You can post links to the items you are interested here on the forum (we have an authentication thread) and we can help you determine if they are authentic.

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