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    Default Re: Website that sells fake Louis Vuitton Bags?

    Hi, I joined this forum so I could find information on this site and saw your post. Looks like a great forum, might stay a while I've attempted due diligence in tracking down information on this company after finding them in Louis Vuitton search results. The forums that come up in search results for this company seem to have fake accounts and testimonies (for advertising). I do know that and and are affiliated because I emailed the second website and got a reply back from a the first website from the same person Lily Regland. I honestly don't know if LV sells to outlets (I suspect they don't, why would they?) so this is why I continued. None the less, my curiosity got me. I emailed a second time and she assured me their bags were authentic (see c&p below of email). I decided to proceed through the checkout to see if they offered PayPal like she said, since Paypal determines if the company is verified or not. There was no PayPal for checkout options. I emailed her back and told her there was no PayPal option, she then requested my email address so she could send me an invoice. This is where I decided to stop. If you have $250 to gamble with, then it might be worth finding out, and you might end up with a purse, probably a good knock off.

    ~~~~~~~~~~email reply c&p~~~~~~~~~~
    Dear friend,

    First thank you so much for your support on!

    We promise 100% authenticity. Every item will come with the date code, dust bag, authenticity card and care booklet. We promise 7 days unconditional returning. After you get it, if you think it is fake, you can contact us for a returning in 7 days you get it. If you would like any item, please feel free to place an order online.

    Now we offer free shipping, Visa and paypal acceptable. The package can arrive at your door in 5 to 7 business days.

    Any help please feel free to contact us!

    Best Regards,
    C.S Department

    Quote Originally Posted by djeddieo View Post
    hi all, my first post. I searched the forum first, and decided maybe it's better to revive this old thread rather than start a new one (hope I'm right). I have found a different website,, and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with them. I guess the old adage "if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't" is all anyone may need to determine whether this site is legit or not, but I just find it amazing that I can't find ANY feedback on them, positive or negative. That they claim "authentic Louis Vuitton at affordable prices" would seem to be a tip-off, given prices like $248.99 for the Brea GM I'm looking for (wacky amount too, no?) The Rolex replicas on a Russian scam website I found at least claim to be replicas at about that same price, but Googling THAT website unearthed a number of warnings from burned customers that I would never receive any merchandise so I steered clear. Also, that Russian watch site never replied to my email questions, but this "authentic" LV site has actually replied to me multiple times (from a Lily Regland, with a Hotmail email address, likely another tip-off.

    Has anyone heard of this site?

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    Default Re: Website that sells fake Louis Vuitton Bags?

    Sadly, these websites will say anything to get your money. The only place to buy authentic LV (brand new) online is their official website.

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