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Louis Vuitton Mongram Sac Squash Shoulderbag

Louis Vuitton Mongram Pegase 70 Luggage

Landed: Welcome to America! If you havenít heard the news, the Beckhamís are moving to America and from what I hear this is no rumor its official. Supporting this fact, over this past weekend Victoria was spotted house hunting in Los Angeles superior Bel-Air district. Iím unsure if the Beckhamís purchased a new home or not but if you really care for up-to-date facts on the Beckhamís life you can catch the latest via Victoriaís Blog Ė dvbstyle.

About the Davidís traveling goods. For the long flight he went with classic Louis Vuitton carry-on luggage. The Louis Vuitton Sac Squash and the Pegase 70 Luggage. The Sac Squash can be spotted at eluxury for $1,810 and the Pegase 70 carries a $2,740 price tag.

If you are dying to see more candidís of David and his LV luggage then Click here to view additional photoís after the Jump!!