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    Default Lv handbag charm , fading?

    I finnally did it!

    Do your LV charms fade or chip? mine has not chipped, but the chain looks a little fadded. It just doesn't look the same as when i bought it and that was like 4 or 5 months ago..

    is this just a quirk to LV products, like patina or is the handbag charm getting old looking.?.
    (p.s I haven't used it in 2 months),
    other than BBOS private sale, fashionphile, where can I sell this?
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    Default Re: Lv handbag charm , fading?

    Hmm... I've never owned an LV charm so I'm no help. Have you tried taking it in to a boutique and asking a SA if that should be normal wear? As far as selling, try Bonanzle. The selling fees are lower than eBay, plus, you can make more money off of the charm than you can at a consignment shop. Good luck!

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