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    Default Just to clear things up....

    I was looking at the thread someone posted, I think I bought a fake.. The person thought the bag was fake because the "F" in France was lowercased, the stitching was not perfect, a different color, date code was different, the canvas had a wierd feel to it, and the brass was not the same.

    First off, old LV bags had "made in france" with lowecased letters. (dont know why but they did)
    2nd, Stitching was less than perfect looking on the old bags because the the workers had not yet learned the "LV Technique" that they know now.
    3rd, The threads they used were the same, but after so many years of use and condition of which the bag is kept, the color changes, (just like the leather)
    4th, Date codes did not always say SP0209 -----and the like, there were a few different stages of date codes once LV started stamping them.
    5th, Canvas ages, therefore, it gets a different feel and look
    6th and last buy not least..... The bag was made in the 80s so the brass will look and feel different. . .
    POINT IS.... dont just assume a bag is fake because you have not seen it before... ask around and think about this, Louis Vuitton was making bags loooong before you started buying them.

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    Default Re: Just to clear things up....

    Hey oneluvashanduli, I'm curious to know which thread are you referring to, can you link it or paste the picture in here?

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