I am really coming to the conclusion that I have enough LV. Actually I think I have enough Luxury Goods.

I have 5 briefcases however I am looking at semi-retirement.
I have 3 hardcase suitcases however only 2 will fit into the car at 1 time.
My wife has enough bags to last a lifetime - perhaps just an Azur Speedie to complete it?

I am starting to think that you can only use so many things at a time.

I own 3 watches - Rolex DateJust, Omega Speedie, Breitling Navitimer - I can only wear 1 at a time! Do I really need another watch?

I have enough jewellery to keep the wife happy - she has jewels for every occasion.

I am starting to come to the realisation that I have finally got enough LV, What!

I really enjoy the social interactions that a forum like this can provide. The talk/chatter would bore all my other friends to death!

Are their any other members here who are finally satisfied with their collection?
Not sure if it is time to downsize yet - I find it hard to let go of pieces.

Kind regards.