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Who knows if the one on ebay is fake or not... but I highly doubt Lindsay Lohan would be carrying around a fake Louis Vuitton.
Thats what I use to think as well. But I have occasionally ran acrossed a few pics of celeb's with counterfeit bags. I mean in most cases (well I hope) its not their fault - if they received it as a gift, from their stylist, got it before their career took off or knew anything about designer bags.

Viva - I noticed that as well on the elux pics but they dont cut off logo's and the alignment should be even. Also eluxury commonly puts up pics of fake bags to throw off counterfeiters who try to replicate the pics, or steal their images.

Also about the ebay auction . . . wow that alignment is off I didnt even notice that on Lindsay's bag, thanks Bling for posting that pic.
Also, I didnt even notice the silver hadware on lindsay's bag. . . I thought it was a blue stone or something

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