Oh my gosh. Seriously it's been non-stop since I left for Asia. Check out this schedule:
- September 9th-18th - Shanghai, China to Nanjing, China to Seoul, S. Korea
- Back home for 1 day
- September 20th-21st - Concert in Montreal, Canada
- Back home for 2 days
- September 23rd - Interview in Oakland, CA (my flight schedule was to leave home at 4am fly to CA and land at 1pm - interview from 2pm-5pm - fly back home 9pm and arrive home at 10am the next morning)
- Back home for 3 days
- September 27th-28th - Wedding in NYC
- September 30th - Another interview

I'm going crazy - I have 3 bags of luggage still unpacked. My cat hates me for not being home. My back hurts from sleeping in airplane seats. I'm exhausted and jet lagged like you wouldn't believe!!! Plus, I have so much to do at work (not to mention getting my life together at home). It's stressful. So stressful.

The good news is - I have 2 very promising opportunities for a new job!! I am looking to leave this crap job as I have been promised a "re-evaluation" 3 times only to get a title change and a $2,500 salary increase (which started as of June 1st so I have only seen $625 of it), then when I ask my new manager for my 1 year review (it's over due) she tells me that I need to wait because "most companies do a 1 year review at the same time for all employees" and I'm like "yes, but that's not how this company works"...

I have a feeling she isn't going to give me SQUAT so I'm ready to get the hell out of dodge!!!