Kooba interview with creative director Abbe Held!
In 1998, one of the most well known designer handbag brands came into light “Kooba”. Celebrities and even fashionista’s world wide can be seen carrying different designs from the brand on a daily basis. It’s remarkable to see that the brand started just 12 years ago and has already risen to the top.

Abbe Held, who is the creative director of Kooba, and her Mother were avid handbag shoppers that were on a mission to make their own handbag line. Not just any type of handbags though, ones that had a more vintage and organic look than what was already out there.

“The first creations of Kooba were a lot more structured”, said Ms. Held. Handbags were made in ultra suede, mens flannel material and were not made of leather. At first, the handbags were sold to Bergdorf Goodman and Scoop in New York City. Now, Kooba can be found in a variety of stores and online... KEEP READING

posted by Marissa