Kate Spade is known for her adorable and proper styling. She hails from my home town and holds a special place in my heart. Darling lady bags, precious pumps and flats along with a plethora of other cute products perfect for gifting are available by this designer.

This Skipper Flower Bag caught me by surprise as a little bit different! I simply had to drop all of my other plans and write out it! This bag is so adorable for the holidays. The best part, there’s still time to get it for your special events!

Typically, I do not gravitate to floral handbags, but this one is so pretty. I think the velvet material just adds a lot of depth and texture that makes it a statement piece. Rich in black or brilliant in Fuschia! The oversize flower is roughly the size of the bag and it’s done in a beautiful, not kitschy way.

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posted by kimberly