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    Default Judith Leiber Austrian Crystal Carousel Minaudiere

    When I was a little girl, I loved going for rides on carousels. Amusement parks, zoos, and even the midway at the state fair... if there was a carousel there, I wanted to ride it. There was one particular carousel, however, that really sticks out in my mind. I can't remember where it was, but it was probably the biggest carousel I had ever seen. Unlike some carousels, this one had different animals on it. There was a lion, a giraffe, a zebra, and a big green dragon. I wanted to ride the giraffe, but it was stationary. So I rode on the dragon instead, which moved up and down as the carousel spun around. There is just something so magical about carousels. Whenever I see one, I think back to those happier times when life seemed so much simpler. As you can probably imagine then, I was instantly intrigued when I stumbled upon the Judith Leiber Carousel Minaudiere!

    What can I say about Judith Leiber? Her pieces look like they belong in museums. They truly are little works of art!
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    Default Re: Judith Leiber Austrian Crystal Carousel Minaudiere

    Wow, this is pretty crazy. So much detail.

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    Default Re: Judith Leiber Austrian Crystal Carousel Minaudiere

    Wow!!! This clutch is GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    W I S H ♥ L I S T
    Loving my collection!

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