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    Default Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelets

    My boyfriends' brothers' girlfriend (this will be so much easier when we all finally get married and I can just say my sister in law!) got two KJL bracelets for Christmas and is not really a huge fan of one and absolutely HATES the other. The stepmom who bought them is "really into fashion" and thinks they are fantastic. She wore them both in front of her a few times each and now thinks shes safe to get rid of them. I know nothing about them, and neither does she, but the SM says they are big collectors pieces. I know at least that they are actual signed pieces and NOT from the "KJL Collection" that sells on QVC. One is a thin bangle, gold, with the enamel zebra print, the other is a thick bangle with some sort of leopardish print that closes with a large leopard head. Should she hang on to them in hopes they will accrue value, or just unload them on ebay while she has the chance?


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    Default Re: Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelets

    I would say list them on ebay. She could put the money towards something useful.
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