If you fancy getting your hands on a charity charm necklace designed by A-list celebrities including Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson and Christian Louboutin, then log onto Wallis, where the piece is going to be sold exclusively online for 4 days from 3rd September.

The silver rope necklace is decorated with six unique charms each designed by a well-know celebrity or designer, who was given the task to take inspiration from whatever they liked, or from what they are best known for, and then to sketch their charm, choose the colour and material and give it a name.

The charms include: Catherine Tate's silver metal heart with a cut-out star at the base, Scarlett Johansson's delicate lily in white, yellow and orange enamel, Christian Louboutin's small golden shoe with red heel, Stephen Webster's silver fish skeleton, and Kate Moss' pretty turquoise and silver swallow.

The necklace will retail at 25, with 10 from each necklace sold going to Cancer Research UK. Only 25,000 necklaces are being produced so hurry up and get clicking.