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    Default Sophie Hulme Bubble Keychain

    Sophie Hulme Bubble Blower Keychain.jpg

    Blowing bubbles on a warm summer day... those are some of my fondest childhood memories. I remember not knowing how to blow into the bubble wand just right so that the soap solution would catch the air. I would blow into the bubble wand, frustrated that the bubbles kept breaking before they could take flight. Then my dad showed me how to do it. That moment when those bubbles finally left my bubble wand is one I will never forget! I think that is why I was so enthralled by the keychain you see here. Introducing the Sophie Hulme Bubble Blower Keychain!
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    Default Re: Sophie Hulme Bubble Keychain

    Cute! What a fun little keychain Plus if you're lucky enough to have SH as your initials, that's pretty cool - @Zombiegirl

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    Default Re: Sophie Hulme Bubble Keychain

    ^^ HAHA! I was getting ready to type..."Those are my initials!" lol How cool?!
    W I S H ♥ L I S T
    Loving my collection!

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