I have owned quite a few exotic clocks... Antique, Art Deco and JLC Atmos Clock.

The Antiques/Art Deco were all so touchy.... needed $$$ services, very flat levels and a real pain to wind all the time... Not really expensive to buy considering age and condition.

The JLC Atmos clock.... Well I have owned 3 but only 1 ever worked! Very $$$ to service as watch repairers aviod like the plague. (The Atmos clock works on humidity/temperature changes).

I then found CARTIER and fell in love.

They are modern in a strict sense but so nice.... you can take away on holidays too bring class to the cheapest motel room... (just make sure nobody swipes it!).

Conditon is probably the biggest price factor for these clocks. You can buy on ebay very reasonable. Always better to pay more for a perfect/mint example as Cartier charges a high premium to repair them. Mind you Cartier has serviced my Santos clock (see below) for AU$160-. I thought that was very reasonable however it was mint.

These clocks are a classy thing which can be left out inside your home.

Our current Cartier Clock collection:-

Santos Clock - quartz

Tank Clock - quartz

Very rare Mechanical Cartier Clock - c. mid to late 70s

Personal Line Limited Edition Clock - c. early 90s (my favorite design)