Hi, This is Camille from Beijing China, I love beauty bags in specially disign, I am so happy to find the bag forum site and I am very excited to say hello to everyonehere. :D

I have 4 bags manufactures in Beijing,actually,which belongs to my parents, so when I was a kind, I am always lucy have new bookbags to hold, which make me very happy,and now I growed up, what I can to best to myself is to collect the newest design bags all round the world as many as possible. I don not know why, but everytime when I see the bag I always feel comfortable, just like the feeling of i fell in love with someone.

At present, I would like to sell my bags to everywhere, so if anyone knows what shoud I do and how can I begin, please advise! I will post pics of my bags soon!

Thank you very much!

My email:chmia-camille@hotmail.com