I have just bought a Christian Dior gaucho saddle bag off eBay, what is worrying me is that the leather label inside says "Christian Dior" then underneath that is Boutique in capital letters then underneath that again is Paris also in capital letters?? the serial numbers on the back of the label is 02-MA-0016 in silver
The dust bag has Christian Dior printed on the front but it's crooked a little. It has come with paperwork ie. credit card style silver card with Carte D'Authenticitè No. 43 07 2 001924 867 and a small booklet in an envelope and a shop tag with Christian Dior
The lining looks okay the same as all the others, the hardware is the same with 1 single adjustable strap 2 keys and 2 medallions
The person I bought it from said it was around 10years old but she claimed she never used it
Thankyou if you need any photos please let me know.