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    Default Hi All havnt a clue what im doing but i need advice DKNY BAG

    so guys I think I have a rare bag.

    I got a lovely DKNY Bag as a gift a good few years ago off an EX. and the front gold plate came off after 2 years. to be fair I had used it every day for 2 years Took it on holiday chucked it round and it still in a really god condition and I still use it today every day. the style was made 7 years ago now.

    all 4 of the tiny gold screw came out. so I emailed DKNY International. unfortunately the design was 5 years old and they don't have those screws.

    so as a goodwill gesture they sent me a new bag. which it way to pretty for me to use

    the new bag is a quilted nappa triple zip R4410415. The only place I can find that might still sell it is Donna Karan New York

    where is the best place to sell it to some one who will use it ?????

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    Default Re: Hi All havnt a clue what im doing but i need advice DKNY BAG

    I wouldn't say it's rare. It's just an old style. That was very nice of them to send you a new bag, despite the fact that your old one was 7 years old. I'm not sure why you're wanting to sell it. You could try putting it on ebay, I suppose. I did a completed listing search and it appears sellers aren't having much luck selling DKNY handbags.

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