Hi ladies!
My name's Stacey and I'm a bagaholic

I am a huge bag fan. I mean there are many things you want to buy and they all have different meaning for you. At some point, I asked myself what a successful woman look like, to me she is always with an LV bag.
I could not afford an LV bag at that time, that was not even an option. So I chose my first LV bag on a local site, saved my salary for several months, picked it up on my birthday and after a month I learned that it was fake. Not even a good one. An ugly fake.
After several years of experience with the brand, I learned how to tell fakes and started a local preloved bags shop. So I currently own a lot of bags and I help selling them here and there.

I'm also in love with Dior and Fendi bags.

I am glad to be here, I love bags, I have my Youtube bag review channel right now and I'm happy to be in the community of bag lovers