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    Default Hello!!! I'm brand new and NEED assistance/input on a possible Jil Sander

    Hello and THANK YOU!!!! to anyone who took the time to check out this newbies question!! I have had this bag for sometime, and originally purchased because it simply looked VERY quality, well made, and although the metal internal tag looked vintage, it was very modern looking and beautiful! Probably as most bargain searchers do, as soon as I got home, I began the search to find out what exactly this was. However, although I am usually pretty talented at discovering my finds, this little handbag has proven quite challenging! I even asked another Poshmark user, who is well experienced at European designers and she too did not know! I wanted to post the link to where I have pictures posted and the discussion between me (also @FlashnFashnista on Posh) and @palau_de_nina which would hopefully be helpful, however, when I tried to post my thread, it said my post count must be 10 or greater to post links or images!?! ..I'm not really sure how I am supposed to proceed at this point, I have never participated in a forum type website before and would really like some assistance with this handbag; however, that is probably quite challenging without any pictures. Please help me!!! Thanks again for helping me on my mystery search and any input is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Hello!!! I'm brand new and NEED assistance/input on a possible Jil Sander

    You should be able to upload pictures from your computer. The 10 post rule applies to links and image URLs only, I believe.

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