Hello forum friends,
my name is Zen and Im from Malta though my heart belongs to Nepal where I lived for over 4 years, and will, one day return :)
I decided to join this forum as I'm in the process of creating my own brand 'Artyštaar' where I will be creating and recycling Bags, Hats and other stuff.
With Artyštaar I will be promoting animal rights and spreading awareness in regards to cruelty-free products and materials.
My favourite materials to work with are organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and jeans. I still need to get more familiar with synthetic leather and faux fur.

My plan is to start an online shop linked with several social media activities - including an facebook page with online store, etsy, twitter, pinterest, tubmlr and ebay/amazon.
I am also looking into local opportunities to participate with a stall in festivals, markets, fairs etc... and eventually one day have my own retail shops.
One of the most important web presence for me is my blog which I've been posting to since several months already.
Please feel free to reply with your comments, suggestions and advice. It will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you all, have a nice day and bless!