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    Default A guy who collects and designs bags (:

    Hello everyone! (:

    I bet you think "What? A guy who collects bags?! Thats an odd hobby!" Yeah it is, im probably one of the only guys who collects luxury bags and also designs them for a luxury brand. My girlfriends always enjoyed it of course, so do the girls in my family (:

    Anyway! About myself:

    I'm 25 years old, i studied fashiondesign for 2 years in Frankfurt, Germany and 1 year abroad in London. I got really lucky with my actual job as i design bags, shoes, jewelry and small leather goods for a luxury brand together with my all female wonderful colleagues!

    So, how did i come to fashion design? When i was finished with school and had to decide what to study, i first wanted to go for Astronomy, since space, science and math really interest alot, and i got a talent for math and logic. But then, i thought "So, what can i do with an Astronomy Degree in Germany?" Exactly, nothing interesting!
    I learned to sew with the age of 12, because my mother and grandmother were tired of fixing my clothes, because i always wanted something shortened (mostly pants) - so i learned it myself, and throughout the years i started designing and sewing dresses, skirts, gloves and more. Since i also love to draw, everything fit quiet well.
    So one day my then girlfriend told me i should sell some of my designs on Ebay, so i did it, and it worked out quiet well!

    That gave me the essential confidence boost to go in that direction, and after selling alot on ebay i started studying fashion-design and techniques. During that time i also earned good money with my own designs. Eventhough i got bored by designing clothes, and i always had ideas for bags, but that was a whole different territory, which i luckily learned while studying and of course trying alot and wasting alot of leather, but thats how you learn right?

    Well, and later i was really lucky to be taken by a luxury brand into the designing-team, for which i work now since almost 2 years!

    Besides that, i also enjoy stock trading, which my father taught me and satisfies my other talent - Math!

    My other hobbies are collecting bags, since theyre a great investment, and well i love bags and design them. Should be enough reason (:
    I also enjoy city travelling, getting to know different cultures, noticing differences and learning more about it. I read alot of books whenever i have time for it.
    As every guy i love exotic cars and also own two - sometimes you have to treat yourself right?

    Of course i also wear fashion myself. Usually Messenger Bags of Louis Vuitton
    And clothing: Im a huge Burberry fan but also wear Zara, Hugo Boss, H&M Pants (yeah, they fit me perfectly so i prefer them over others ), Armani and also alot of vintage stuff or anything that catches my eye and looks good on me!

    Since i have a huge bag collection i also love to help people authenticating bags, especially Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, Balenciaga and Chanel

    I hope im welcome here and enjoy the forum! (:

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    Default Re: A guy who collects and designs bags (:

    Hello and welcome!

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