Hello all,

I just registered, even though I am male, and as such, I will probably never carry a handbag, let alone the odd moments when my wife needs me to

I however love exotic skins -ostrich and crocodile- (am a collector of boots) and leatherwares, so I advise my wife and my mum on the build quality and value of handbags whenever they see fit.
Recently, we went to Thailand, where my mom and wife bought several such handbags, among which two ostrich bags (one was reproducing the design of a Birkin -not original design, but original skin though, the make seemed very decent for the price), a big purse in baby croc belly (purple)- quite a good make, very affordable, and, in Chiang Mai, a splendid big handbag in crocodile belly, excellent make for thailand (lined in leather, with no glue, plenty of stitching, and a leather that is very close to European standard-funny, for the first world producer of croc leather) and a price, even though it was the most expensive they bought, that was ultra-cheap for the value.

My mum has an enormous collection of bags, among which a few Lancel and Longchamp (with one small one in crocodile). My wife has very few branded bags (just a cole-haan).