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    Default Hello everyone/my bags

    Hello everyone,

    I have just joined this forum and would like to take the occasion to say hi to you all. I have been a member on other bag forums but only found out about this one today.

    So, as to my bags I have become really passionate about Furla:))) I just love the feel and smell of their leather, their designs and at the price you cannot beat the quality in my opinion.

    What I have is a Furla Anthea in black brushed leather (almost like patent) love love love her, she is brand new I got her on sale 30 %off recently.

    I also own a grey Thalia and a Wizard of Oz collection Oz Gazin Ball bag as well as a chocolate Royal.

    Unfortunately, my camera is broken so I can only send links. Do other people have Furlas and love them here as well? I would love to hear from them and what bags they have, lust after, etc. (and others too of course).

    I also have a Burberry Nova, just sold another Burberry but have been considering one of their packable totes too for a while, I love the new purple ones. Maybe that would be a great spring purchase.

    Also got a pair of Furla heels and eyeing another one on sale now... their shoes are beautifully made as well.

    Have a nice day and hope to hear from you soon.

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    Default Re: Hello everyone/my bags

    welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing pics of your collection!
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