Reusable Shopper: Hermes Silky Pop Bag

Have you caught on to the go-green, ditch the plastic bags trend yet?

According to the Washington Post, Hermes is following in the footsteps of Anya Hindmarch and catching on to this new style of creating reusable shopping bags. But I'm warning you, the bags come at a step price. A step price of almost $1k. Are you surprise? No it’s Hermes.

The Silky Pop Hermes bag is made of hand-wrought silk that easily folds up and collapses into a wallet-size pouch of calfskin.

A spokesman for the designer house of Hermes said that the “Silky Pop Hermes bag is an upscale option to the extra fold-up shopping bag that many European women already carry in their purses.” (will go on sale in the U.S. this summer) And that this is the ideal tote if “Say you're out walking. You decide to pick up a few apples, you pull out your bag. (But she quickly added) Though obviously, Hermes clients usually aren't shopping for their own groceries.”

Right, so that’s exactly what I would use a reusable tote for. If I’m walking past Pike Street Market or something and I’m in the mood to snatch up some fruit then I would love to use a reusable designer tote - probably not Hermes $1k Silky Pop but rather the super cheap $15 Anya Hindmarch bag. Other then that I probably wouldn’t use it, since it would be a rare occasion for me to go grocery shopping. And when I do go, it would be to Costco where they give you boxes to pack your groceries.