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    Default Can Anyone send me picture of real reciept to compare?

    I recently bought a hermes birkin from ebay, (many will think it was stupid) anyway i have decided I am not sure about if it is real and am trying to return it to the seller. It is real leather high quality came with a card to prove it was genuine, raincoat, lock, keys, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, and box as well as a reciept. I have had contact with the seller who has been very helpful. I am happy to keep it if I knew it was real but live far away from any stores. If anyone could help to show me a real reciept to show that it is the real deal i would be forever in your debt as the seller will agree to give me a refund. If someone could send me or link me to a picture of a real hermes reciept as i cant post a link of mine ( as i am new)
    Please help me the girls on this site will know fakes cant be tolerated and its every girls dream to own one of these bags
    Many thanks Antonia

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    Default Re: Can Anyone send me picture of real reciept to compare?

    Can you give us the auction number from eBay?

    Just remember that receipts can also be faked.
    Mrs. Lawson

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