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    Default Re: How do you afford your bag addiction?

    Quote Originally Posted by TaraPep View Post
    I am 26 year old funeral director.... My job is 24hrs. 5 days a week .... if someone expires at home at 4am- it is me who gets the call and wakes up and removes them... I work really hard ...Never get a vacation... so I make it a point that if I see a bag I must have -That will make me feel good- It will become my personal mission to buy it asap...
    That's awesome Tara. I volunteer at my local Hospital Morgue and it's serious work. Very interesting, but people in that industry do work hard.

    I'm still a student, don't have a job at the moment as I'm focusing on my last year in school. So there shall be a temporary halt to my addiction after my last purchase (LV MC Sarah Wallet). Looking forward to joining the work force after I finish school that way I can spoil myself again.
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