I've bought 'cheap' bags - mainly due to budget but also because a lot of them are cute. I tend to be drawn to Fossil, Nine West or Liz Claiborne. My Coach purchase was my first more expensive handbag purchase and I absolutely adore it. Before that I had spent only $125 at the most. I was so amazed when I realized how high the quality of the Coach was (and how heavy in comparison!) and how much attention was paid to detail. Just the strap alone is gorgeous and I love the brass hardware. When I decided to make a bigger purchase (in terms of price) I checked out a lot of designer and brand name bags and settled on Coach because they appeal to me the most in terms of looks, I love their metal accents (buckles and studs) as well as some of their other little details - like lacing. I may have completely spoiled myself and I may never look at 'cheap' bags the same, though I am not ready to part with those I already have. :)