WOW, I can't believe we are heading into our 4th year of this thread. I started it as a way to keep my self accountable for my goals, and get support, but now it's become much more of a community of friends. I'm so thankful for every one that has celebrated a bag purchase, or helped me step away from one. With your help, I finally succeeded in not buying any bags or wallets in 2015, after so many years of trying!!! THANK YOU

A look back at my 2015 resolution: to continue to use and enjoy my current collection, to not exceed the current number of wallets I have, and to not exceed the number of bags I have and to continue to let go of any more bags that I find are not working for me. I may re-evaluate my clutches and see what can be done there - I might let a lot of them go and focus on having just a few that would suit all my possible clutch needs. I'm happy with what I have and have used all of them at some point or another, but feel that I can consolidate my collection into a more well-rounded bunch.

What happened? I did exceed the number of wallets I own because I was surprisingly gifted one by my husband, I didn't exceed the number of bags I owned because I bought NONE! (my backpack doesn't count), I only let go of one SLG at the beginning of the year, and I still own the same amount of clutches.

My 2016 resolution: Let go of 10 items from within my bag, wallet, and SLG collections, and use those to fund a pre-loved Speedy 35 or 40. With the exception of the Speedy, not add any more items to any of the previously mentioned categories.

This year, I'll be focusing more on letting go and reducing my numbers, than not shopping at all =)