I have re-dyed 2 GUCCI bags so far using Tarrago Leather Dye Kit, and they have turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! It contains a preparer that takes off any coating that the bag may have prior to you dyeing it. I dyed my brown Gucci Princy an off-white, and it made it look brand new and you would think off-white was it's original color. I only have the "after" pic below. Tarrago Dye Kit is pretty cheap, around $10, and it has a variety of colors. I just purchased a Gucci Hysteria in white on eBay that I plan on dyeing a dark purple. I'll have to mix black and purple dyes to get the dark color I want, but it will be original at best. Here are 4 pics from "another site" of a Marc Jacobs bag that was dyed using Tarrago, before and after. Pretty amazing, don't you think?? I swear, this stuff is amazing. And NO, I am NOT a spokesperson. I just believe any used Gucci can look new again. The directions don't state this, but don't forget to use a lot of QTips and don't skimp on the painting tape, get the good blue kind. Let us know how it goes, should you decide to do it yourself. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, I'm sure any leather cobbler could do the job also. Good Luck!!

Here is my "After" photo showing the brown Gucci Princy I dyed off-white (sorry, no Before pic):

Before and After pics of a MJ bag dyed the same purple color: