In relation to Bag authentication, even if you took it to an LV store , the staff are not properly trained to tell you if its 100% authentic. Unfortunately the only person that can do that is the actually deigned it. Unforunatelly that is not always possible. As a handbag designer i get these type of inquiries all the time and the best advice i have is : personally sight the bag to make sure it is in good condition and ALWAYS buy bags that have provenance...which means that they should always have a copy of the original receipt of purchase. Otherwise, just spend the money and buy a new one. If both of these things are not possible, then buy a bag that has its true value in the type of leather and hardware. very very careful because the immitations these days are indistinguishable from the real thing......Good luck with your bag purchase and let me know if my expertise can help you..cheers..Yelena