Has anyone bought one of the new T'Angella Handbags????
I have one and I'm glad I do. It's new to the industry.
On sundays when I'm going to church I carry my bible in the attached case and during the week when I'm going to work or anywhere else, I carry books with me that I like to read.
This bag just make it so easy to bring my book. The fact that the book case is attached means that I have enough space in the other compartments for my wallets,etc. and I don't need to carry the book in my hand or in a separate book case. I don't ike to carry things in my hands.
I always have a book with me so this handbag is a must-have.
I'm glad I found this handbag. I recommending this to any women and girls that carry a book with them. They also make great gifts. When you buy one let me know if you like that convenience as much as I do.
The T'Angella (tea-an-gel-la) handbags are different from other bags because they have an attached bible/book case on them.
These handbags are the easy and convenient way for women and girls to carry their bibles, books, magazines or any other reading materials with them.