Hi all, nice site by the way, some great information in here.

I am in need of some help if possible, I live in Queensland Australia and can not find any information or stockists that have the Orla Kiely handbag i am after for my formal.

Here is the image of the hand bag i really want, its the bottom right handbag in the picture "Colorful Handle Blue Leather Shoulder Bag"
Orla kiely handbags | Only Handbags

I really really want this for my formal, it's a perfect match for my dress and im going crazy trying to find it here in Australia, i have only just applied for a credit card and can not order online, so i need to find a shop here in Australia that sells it.

Sorry to bother you all but i really am in need help to find this handbag, soon as i saw it i knew it was a perfect match.

Thanks in advance if anyone can be of some assistance or provide some helpful resources.

Regards Lisa