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    Default Hand Bag-Which brand is best? Also what color and style are hot?

    Hello everybody...
    It's my sister's 21st birth day, since she's a hand bag freak, I am thinking to get something nice for her. I am not too sure what young girls like these days, so I need help.What color and styles are in for young people?
    Please suggest a way.

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    Default Re: Hand Bag-Which brand is best? Also what color and style are hot?

    There are several designer brands that you could look at. It all depends on your budget and the type of styles your sister would like : classic, trendy, sleek and sophisticated etc.
    Brands like Chanel, Bal, Botiker are in the higher price range (think thousands!)
    LV and Marc Jacobs are great labels to have but would cost at a minimum in the upper hundreds.

    If you are looking in the 200-300 dollar range, look at Coach, Dooney and Bourke, B Markowsky and Rebecca Minkoff. They have gorgeous bags. Check out their websites to get an idea of their product range and prices.

    I think it is sweet of you to buy your sister a designer bag
    Good Luck.
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