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    Default Can you identify a D&G bag my girlfriend saw?

    Hi all

    This is probably an impossible question but I will give it a go....

    When i was in Rome at the weekend my Girlfriend noticed a fake D&G bag being sold by the dodgy street sellers that you get in Rome..... She really really liked it but it was obviously a fake....

    I want to look at getting the real one for her but can I find it. It might not have even been copied from a real design, I don't know...

    It was medium size with a sort of checkered multi-coloured pattern at the bottom half hinting towards red / burgundy being the dominant colour but it has lots of colours..... It had a silver D&G logo......

    Any one got an ideas??

    Thanks All

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    Default Re: Can you identify a D&G bag my girlfriend saw?

    Hmmm... sorry I'm not sure which bag it would be. I've seen a lot of fake D&G bags being sold by vendors so I'm trying to picture the one you're describing but can't think of one.

    Sorry I wish I could help!
    Mrs. Lawson

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